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The Assamese tea plant, Camellia assamica, is one of the only two REAL tea plants that's commercially cultivated (along with Camellia sinensis - the Chinese tea plant).

If you have never tasted fresh, well-made Assamese teas before, we are sure you will love our teas. If on the other hand you already love Assams, we would like to welcome you to the largest selection of single estate, single malt Assams you will ever see!



The most common way to promote specialty teas to new tea lovers is by introducing them to flavored teas. We make our flavored teas in micro batches, using minimal quantity of natural flavors and organic herbs, flowers and fruits, so that the blends stay simple and enjoyable, without being too flavory, complex and artificial tasting.

All our flavored teas are made with garden-fresh tea leaves, natural flavors and organic garnishes.


Darjeeling offers excellent aromatic teas, grown at high altitude, in the shadows of the Kanchenjunga (the third highest mountain in the world).

Our selection of Darjeelings come from small farmers, each of who have great pride in their craftsmanship, and consistently turns out outstanding Darjeelings year after year.

Each of these Darjeelings are certified-origin teas, not high grown Kenyan or Ceylon. About 70% of teas sold as Darjeelings are actually from Kenya or Ceylon.

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